Governance Documents & Corporate Policies

2022 Tenants Satisfaction Results

2023_Our Contractors

2023-2024_ Register of Procurement Activities

0_CHA Rules

1_Model Governing Body Code of Conduct (2021 Update)_210929

02_Asset Management Strategy_270923

3_Model Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy_210927

4_Performance Management Policy_220928

5_Unacceptable Behaviour Policy_220928

6_Execution of Documents and Seal_220928

7_Whistleblowing Policy_230614 Update

08_Complaints Policy_240612

9_Risk Management Policy 190529

11_Personal Relationships at Work _220928

12_ Digital Strategy_220928

13_Equal Opportunities Policy_221207

15_H & S Policy statement_220928

16_Privacy Policy_220928

17_ Membership Policy_220831

18 Digital Strategy_220928

18_ IT Disaster Recovery Plan_210428

18_ Back Up Strategy_210428

18_ICT Policy_210331

18_ Digital Strategy 2023-26_231025

19_Procurement Policy & Strategy_220629

20_Customer Focus Policy Standards _190612

21_Learning & Development Policy_220928

22_Recruitment and Selection Policy_221207

23_Internal Audit Policy_220928

24_Standing Orders_220928

25_Tenant Participation Strategy_270923

26_Mangement Committee Expenses Policy_220928

27_ Committee Recruitment Policy (2020 Rules version)_220831

28_ Smoke Free policy _221207

29 – Induction Policy_210929

30_Committee Annual Review Policy_210929

31 Chair Role Description_220928

31 Committee Member Role Description_220928

31_Secretary Role Description_220928

31_Treasurer Role Description_220928

31_Vice Chair (Mentor) Role Description_220928

31_Vice Chair Role Description_220928

32_Bad Debt Policy_240612

33_Anti Bribery Policy_220928

33_Fraud & Corruption Policy_220928

34_Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Policy_251023

35_Notifiable Events Policy220928

36_Value for Money Policy_220928

38_Business Continuity Policy_201209

39_Environmental Policy_220629