Repairs Service

We want to make sure that repairs are accurately diagnosed and fixed, first time. So, when Tenants contact us to report a repair, we will have some questions to ask that will help us instruct our contractor accurately on the work required. 

Repairs requests will be prioritised based upon their urgency.  We will use the following repairs categories and target timescales for responding:

Category Type of repair Overall timescale
Emergency repairs To make safe or repair any defect/s that may deteriorate quickly into a health and safety issue or cause significant damage to the property if not attended to. Attend within 5 hours and make safe
Urgent repairs To repair any defects that significantly detract from the tenant’s use of the property and which would cause rapid deterioration if not attended to. Attend and complete within 2 working days
Routine repairs Any repairs which are identified as responsive repairs and which cannot be delayed until a future cyclical maintenance programme or planned programmed renewal. Attend and complete within 7 working days
Right to Repair


Qualifying repairs as per legislation  1, 3 & 7 working days


Request a Repair

Tenants can report a repair using any one of the methods below. Please check the Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities page in this section before you report the repair – just to make sure that the repair is our responsibility.

  • 1


    During normal office hours, Monday to Friday.

  • 2


    Call us on 0808 175 6288 during office hours. For Emergency repairs outside office hours call 01555 435944

  • 3


    Email us at

  • 4


    Click here

Right to Repair

Tenants have a right to have small urgent repairs carried out within a given timescale.  If we do not complete the work on time, tenants have a right to ask another contractor approved by us to carry out the work and may also be eligible for compensation.  This is called the ‘Right to Repair’ scheme.


Qualifying defects / repairs Maximum timescale
 Blocked flue to open fire or boiler 1 day
 Blocked / leaking foul drains, soil stacks, toilet pans (where there is no other toilet in the house) 1 day
 Blocked sink, bath or basin 1 day
 Complete loss of electric power 1 day
 Loss of electric power 1 day
 Partial loss of electric power 3 days
 Insecure external window or door lock 1 day
 Unsafe access path or step 1 day
 Significant leaks or flooding from water or heating pipes, tanks or cisterns 1 day
 Loss or partial loss of gas supply 1 day
 Loss or partial loss of space or water heating, where no other source of heating is available 1 day
 Toilet not flushing (where there is no other toilet in the house) 1 day
 Unsafe power or lighting socket or electrical fitting 1 day
 Complete loss of water supply 1 day
 Partial loss of water supply 3 days
Loose or detached banister / handrail 3 days
Unsafe timber flooring or stair treads 3 days
Mechanical extractor fan in internal kitchen or bathroom not working 7 days


Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities

This page explains what repairs tenants can expect from us and what we expect of tenants.

Our Responsibilities: As a landlord, we are responsible for repairing and maintaining the following items:

Internal Repairs External Repairs
Floor structure, doors, door frames, internal staircases, landings, (but not including painting and decoration). Drains, gutters, and external pipes, (however, the clearance of blockages caused by tenant negligence will be recharged to the tenant)
Internal walls and ceilings. The roof
Basins, sinks, baths, showers, toilets flushing systems and waste pipes. Outside walls, outside doors, windowsills, window catches, sash cords, skylight cords and window frames, including external painting and decoration.
Radiators, boilers, pipes and hot/cold water tanks. Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues, (but not including sweeping).
Electrical wiring, door entry systems, communal T.V. aerials and extractor fans, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Pathways, steps, or other means of access.
Kitchen units and sink/taps. Boundary walls and fences.
Plasterwork. Communal television aerial or dish (where relevant)
Making good damage caused by acts of vandalism/criminal activity provided they have been notified to the police within 24 hours of occurring, or as soon as is reasonably practicable, by you or someone acting on your behalf

Tenant Responsibilities: Tenants are responsible for taking reasonable care of the house. This responsibility includes carrying out minor repairs and internal decoration. It also includes keeping the house in a reasonable state of cleanliness. Tenants are not, however, responsible for carrying out repairs, which are due to fair wear and tear.

Repairs Reporting Tenants must report to us, as soon as possible, any damage to the house/flat and common areas.
Emergencies Tenants must take all reasonable steps to ensure that we are notified immediately of emergencies, including those involving the supply of water, and to ensure that, where necessary, access can be gained by our representatives. If we become aware of an emergency and you are unable to provide access to the house immediately, we may gain access to the house, using force if necessary.
Cold Weather Tenants must take reasonable care to ensure that water pipes do not freeze. In the event of being absent from the property, tenants should inform us and should ensure that the internal water supply is turned off and that pipes and tanks etc. are drained.
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Tenants must regularly check that these devices are working by pressing the “Test” button and must replace batteries (if any) when required. Tenants must inform us if any of these devices are not working properly.
Access Tenants must provide access to our staff and contractors to assess jobs, carry out the work and, when required, inspect the completed job. The contractor will contact the Tenant and let them know when they intend to call to carry out the repair. Tenants should provide us with a contact telephone number for this purpose.
Health & Safety Tenants are not permitted to carry out repairs or decoration which may prejudice the health and safety of anyone living at or near the house, or anyone visiting the house, or which will affect the fabric or structural stability of the property. Those in doubt as to what work would constitute such a risk should contact us for further advice before commencing work.
Artex The use of stippled or patterned finished ‘artex’ or similar on internal walls is not permitted. This finish is allowed on ceilings only if properly applied and with our prior written permission. We will not refuse permission unreasonably.
Floor Coverings Tenants must obtain our prior written permission if they want to install laminate, parquet, ceramic tiled flooring or similar. We will not refuse permission unreasonably. We will, however, only grant permission to install these types of floor coverings if the Tenant occupies either a house or a ground floor flat.
It may be necessary to lift carpets and other floor coverings to carry out essential repairs. We shall advise Tenants before we carry out the repair if we require them to lift carpets or flooring. Please note we will not accept responsibility for damage to carpets and flooring and will not relay/repair flooring after works have been carried out.
Insurance Claims We will maintain comprehensive buildings insurance for the normal perils. You must do nothing, which could jeopardise our insurance, and which might result in our insurers refusing to settle any claim completely or in part. We are not responsible for the arrangement of contents insurance cover. You are strongly recommended to insure your personal possessions against loss or damage caused by fire, flood, theft, accident etc.
Garden Where a Tenant has sole use of the garden attached to a property, they are required to keep the garden, footpaths, and driveways in good and tidy order, free from weeds, litter, dogs and other animal dirt.
Where you share a garden with others, you need to take your turn, as indicated by us, to do this work. Garden waste can either be disposed of using recycling bins provided by South Lanarkshire Council or through the free compostable waste uplift service – see here for details.
Miscellaneous Repairs Tenants are responsible for damage to glass, damage to sinks or sanitary ware, plugs or chains, internal door handles, pest control, replacing lost or broken keys and any cost incurred through forcing entry through lost keys.

Service Level

The 2022 customer satisfaction outcome results are incredibly positive, particularly considering the current cost of living crisis and the effects of lockdown. The table below gives details of how we are performing:

Clydesdale Housing Association: Satisfaction Results
2019 2022
Satisfied with the overall service provided 94% 93%
Satisfied with participation opportunities 99% 98%
Satisfied with CHA’s contribution to the management of their neighborhood 97% 91%
Said their rent was good value for money 91% 87%
Satisfied with the quality of their home 88% 94%
Satisfied with being kept informed 99% 98%


Satisfaction with repairs:

The helpfulness of the Association staff involved 100%
The system for reporting repairs to CHA 100%
Contact from tradespeople to arrange access 100%
The tradesperson arriving by the target date 100%
The length of time taken to undertake repairs 96%
The attitude of the tradesperson involved 100%
The tidiness of the contractor 100%
The quality of the repair undertaken 97%


Planned & Cyclical Maintenance



Chargeable Repairs

There are certain occasions where we are required to charge Tenants for repairs which are carried out.   The following are examples of rechargeable repairs:

  • Any accidental or willful damage or neglect caused by a Tenant, anyone living with a tenant or an invited visitor to a Tenant’s house.
  • Where a “reactive” repair becomes a rechargeable repair.   For example, where a contractor reports that he considers the damage was caused by the Tenant.
  • Repairs identified as being the Tenant’s responsibility during the end of tenancy visit.
  • Where a Tenant has failed to provide access to a contractor.
  • Damage to the property due to work carried out by the Tenant.
  • Where a Tenant has carried out unauthorised alterations which require to be made good by us.

Tenants asked to pay for a repair carried out to their home will be given details of the repair and the cost.   We are willing to consider a gradual payment arrangement.