Tenant Participation

We consider the participation and feedback obtained from tenants and other service users as a vital part of improving the services and accommodation we provide.  We continue to look for new ways to involve customers in our work – methods used in recent years include:

  • Annual Tenant Conferences
  • Customer Focus Groups
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Comprehensive Tenant Satisfaction Surveys
  • Postal Consultation Events
  • Local Resident Meetings to discuss local issues
  • Meetings with Registered Tenant Organisations

We ask our tenants how well or badly we are performing in tenant participation through a survey we conduct every 3 years. Tenants have told us that our performance has improved over the past 3 years:

Satisfaction Results
How satisfied were you with: 2016/17 2013/14
Opportunities to participate in our decision making processes? 91% 72%
The way we keep tenants informed about services and decisions? 97% 84%


We also ask tenants to identify their top 3 service priorities. The results of our last survey in 2016/17 are shown below. Our work over the next 3 years will reflect these priorities:

Repairs and maintenance 89%
The overall quality of your home 88%
Keeping you informed about services and decisions 54%
The management of your neighbourhood 23%
Grounds maintenance to common areas 13%
Value for money for your rent (and service charges) 12%
Dealing with anti-social behaviour 12%
Opportunities to participate in decisions 9%

Registered Tenant Organisations

Clydesdale Housing Association works with tenants and other customers to improve the services we provide.

One of the ways of giving tenants a say in what we do is to meet with tenant representatives to discuss issues of concern.  Clydesdale currently has two recognised Registered Tenant Organisations:


Tenant Scrutiny Panel

We have established a Tenant Scrutiny Panel that meets regularly to review our services from a Tenant viewpoint. If you are a Tenant and wish to find out more please contact us for more details.

The work of the Scrutiny Panel can include:

  • Tenant surveys.
  • Complaints, compliments and comments.
  • Estate inspections and/or walkabouts.
  • Involvement and feedback from Tenants’ and Residents’ Groups and other community groups.
  • Focus groups.
  • Tenant led inspections.
  • Mystery shopping.
  • Tenant scrutiny panels.

Recent Tenant Scrutiny Panel Reports are available below:

Customer Service Standards Report – Tenant Scrutiny Panel – March 2019

Join Us

We are a Membership organisation, and aim to attract people from the communities we serve. We aim to establish a wide and active Membership by recruiting individuals with an interest in our work. We also seek to make effective use of the skills, knowledge, experience and views of our Members.

Our Membership is made up of people or organisations who hold a share in the Association and whose names are entered into our Register of Members.

We aim to make sure membership open to all sections of the community we serve.

The following people are eligible to become Members of CHA:

  • Tenants of CHA;
  • Service users of CHA;
  • Other people who support the objects of CHA;
  • Organisations sympathetic to the objects of CHA.

Applicants for membership must be at least 16 years of age.

Applications for membership must be made by completing and signing a Membership Application Form. This should be sent to our offices along with the sum of £1.00 (which will be returned if the application is not approved).

Applications for membership will be considered by the Governing Body as soon as is reasonably practicable after they are received by CHA, but will not be considered within a period of 14 days before our annual general meeting.

Approved applications for membership will receive a share certificate as confirmation of their membership by post and we will provide a free copy of our Rules to any Member who has previously not been given a copy.

Whilst it is CHA’s intention to encourage membership, the Management Committee has absolute discretion in deciding on applications for membership and the following shall constitute grounds for refusal of an application:

  • Where membership would be contrary to CHA’s Rules or policies;
  • Where a conflict of interest may exist which, even allowing for disclosure of such an interest, may adversely affect the work of CHA;
  • Where the Management Committee considers that accepting the application would not be in the best interests of CHA.

No Member can hold more than one share and Membership cannot be held jointly. Joint Tenants may become individual Members.

There will be no interest, dividend or bonus payable on shares and shares cannot be sold.

A copy of our Membership Policy is available in the Downloads area.

Current & Recent Consultations

Please see the documents listed below for details of current and recent consultation activities:

Repairs & Maintenance Focus Group Report 190826

Dates for Your Diary