2022 Tenant Satisfaction Results

Clydesdale Housing Association (CHA) recently completed a survey of all its tenants, to gauge overall levels of satisfaction and to help identify households struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

Representative sample

In total 455 interviews were conducted, which is a 54% sample of CHA’s tenants, was carried out by Research Resource, an independent market research company.  The sample was drawn to be representative of the number of properties in each area whilst also ensuring that the views of tenants in some of the smaller areas were also represented. 

Social Housing Charter

All Registered Social Landlords in Scotland need to ask tenants some specific questions the results of which are reported on an annual basis as part of the Annual Return on the Social Housing Charter. This enables comparison between Registered Social Landlords on a range of indicators of performance. 

Survey planning

To ensure fairness, CHA’s Residents and Tenants Group were consulted for their views about the questions being asked in the survey prior to the final questions being agreed.

Welcoming tenant views

The outcome results are incredibly positive and show that the majority of our surveyed tenants are satisfied with the work we’re doing. We can always do more so we will be looking closely at the results to look for areas of improvement.  The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is a great way for our tenants to tell us what they think of our service and how it can be improved.

Key findings of the survey 

Overall, the report found high satisfaction levels among council tenants.

  • 93% of tenants said they were very of fairly satisfied with the overall service we provide. The national average is currently 88%.
  • 98% of tenant’s said that CHA are very of fairly good at keeping them informed. The national average is currently 91%
  • 98% of tenants viewed the opportunities given to them to participate in the decision-making process The national average is currently 87%.
  • 94% of tenant’s were very or fairly satisfied with the quality of their homes. The national average is currently 85%
  • 91% of tenant’s were very or fairly satisfied with the management of their neighbourhoods. The national average is currently 85%
  • 87% of tenant’s said the rents they pay represented very and fairly good value for money. The national average is currently 83%.

Want to find out more? 

The highlights of the survey can be found here

You can call us on 01555 665316 for a full copy of the survey report.