Your Guide to Asbestos in the Home

There are asbestos-containing materials in many buildings and homes in the UK and there could be asbestos in a number of our properties as it is impossible to remove it all. This is fully in line with the law and government policy.

CHA is committed to making sure that all materials containing asbestos in our properties are safe and managed appropriately. We undertake regular surveys to all our communal and public areas in accordance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 which requires us to record, monitor and manage the risk from asbestos. Also, if asbestos materials are found during any work to your home, the material will be inspected. If necessary, it will then be removed and disposed of in a safe way but most likely, it can remain in situ and managed in line with current guidance.

CHA carries out surveys before refurbishment type works are undertaken, we also keep an asbestos register where any identified asbestos is recorded so it can be effectively managed.

This leaflet gives some basic information about asbestos in your home. It explains what it is, where it may be found, why it might be a problem and how to deal with it.

Please read the leaflet carefully and call us on 01555 665316 if you have any problems or queries. Clydesdale Asbestos Leaflet

All landlords have a responsibility to tenants and their visitors, contractors and staff, to manage the risk of exposure to asbestos. We take this responsibility very seriously.