As we are approaching the coldest months of the year, we thought it best to remind all tenants of our winter maintenance plan and how best for you to stay safe in the cold weather.

  • South Lanarkshire Council is responsible for the majority of roads and footpaths throughout the Clydesdale area, this includes several our developments. These are commonly referred to as “adopted” areas
  • We are responsible for all “non-adopted” areas within our estates
  • We have installed grit bins in all our non-adopted estates
  • These grit bins have recently been replenished with grit
  • We do not carry out any gritting on a reactive basis, i.e. at the request of tenants
  • We do not grit on a preventative basis, i.e. in anticipation of snow/frost
  • Tenants can use the grit provided to grit their own paths and common footpaths around their homes, if they wish and at their own risk
  • Please let us know if the grit bin in your area needs filled again as the winter season progresses, and we will arrange to have this done.

We would ask all tenants to assess if they really need to leave their homes during freezing conditions and to only do if so if it is absolutely necessary, bearing in mind our gritting policy set out above.

Please keep warm this winter and stay safe.