Universal Credit: New choices for people living in Scotland

The Scottish Government has just announced new Universal Credit payment choices for people living in Scotland.

People making a new Universal Credit claim online from 4 October 2017 who live in South Lanarkshire can choose to:

  • be paid either monthly or have the monthly payment split into twice monthly payments (roughly every fortnight); and,
  • have the housing costs in their award of Universal Credit paid direct to their landlord.

People who applied for Universal Credit before 4 October will not be able to access these choices until early January 2018.

Those eligible will be offered these choices through their Universal Credit online account following receipt of their first Universal Credit payment.

People who already have their rent paid direct to their landlord through an Alternative Payment Arrangement cannot take up these new choices until the period of their Alternative Payment Arrangement has come to an end.

The Scottish Government has published a leaflet explaining these new choices in more detail. This can be viewed in the ‘Leaflets’ section of our downloads area. A video explaining the new Universal Credit online accounts can be viewed here.

Our staff would be delighted to provide support to any Clydesdale Housing Association tenants who need to make a Universal Credit claim or who wish to take up these new payment choices made available by the Scottish Government. Please contact us on 01555 665316 or emailing us on mail@clydesdale-housing.org.uk to arrange a meeting or a home visit.