Cost of living help from the UK Government-duplicate-1

 What you need to know

On May 26 the UK Government announced a substantial package of help in response to the cost-of-living crisis. The aim is to relieve the pressure on household budgets – particularly as a result of soaring energy bills which are expected to rise once again in the autumn. This package of help affects everyone so we have put together an easy-to-understand guide for customers to cut through the jargon.

Meantime this is what is happening:

Every household will receive a £400 Energy Grant. This does not have to be repaid. Bill payers will not need to contact their energy company as the grant will be automatically applied to every household bill in October. Direct debit and credit users will have the money credited to their account, while those with pre-payment meters will have the money applied to their meter or paid via a voucher. The Energy Grant replaces the £200 loan announced by the Government earlier this year.

Additionally, around eight million of the lowest income households will receive £650. This is over and above the £400 energy grant already mentioned. It will be paid to households on “means-tested benefits” and will be sent direct to bank accounts. The Government will make this payment in two lump sums, the first from July this year, the second in the autumn, with payments for those on tax credits following shortly after.

Meanwhile, more than eight million pensioner households in receipt of winter fuel payments will be given an extra pensioner cost-of-living payment of £300. This is in addition to the money you already receive each year (usually in November or December) to help with winter fuel costs.

Those who receive non-means-tested disability benefits will be sent an extra one-off disability cost-of-living payment of £150 from September. Many within this group will also receive the £650 payment mentioned earlier taking their total cost of living help to £800.

You do not need to do anything to make sure you receive your payments. It will not require any additional form filling and will be paid via existing account set-ups.

We fully recognise the difficulties the soaring cost of living is having on our tenants. If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Early intervention is essential in order that we can work out how you can manage your rent payments. Remember we are here to help and when you contact us this is always done in the strictest confidence.