2021/22 Rent Increase Consultation

Our challenge is to deliver all the range of services you are entitled to while keeping the rents we charge affordable.

Over December and January we conducted a tenant consultation on options for increasing rents from 1 April 2021 by either 0.5%, 1% or 1.5% .

Consultation Results: 53 tenants provided feedback on our rent consultation (7.5% of our tenants) – thank you to everyone that participated. This was a low participation level compared to the previous year when 107 tenants responded. The overall results this year were as follows:

  • 23 tenants supported the 0.5% option;
  • 12 supported the 1% option;
  • 12 supported the 1.5% option;
  • 6 tenants contacted us to say that they opposed any increase.

Our Management Committee met on 10 February 2021 to make a final decision on 2021/22 rent levels. In reaching a decision on this, the Committee considered the results of the tenant consultation along with issues such as rent affordability results, proposed expenditure in the year ahead (particularly major works to replace heating systems), rent levels and proposed increase comparisons with other social landlords. The Committee also took particular cognisance of current and future economic uncertainty caused by Coronavirus and Brexit and the potential risks this represented to CHA’s viability.

The Committee concluded that introducing a rent increase of 1% recognised the views of tenants whilst offering some level of financial protection to the Association from a volatile economy.

This 1% rent increase results in the following changes to average weekly rent levels (including common maintenance charge):

House size 2020/21 Average Weekly Rent New 2021/22 Average Weekly Rent Weekly Increase
2 apartment £78.61 £79.40 £0.79
3 apartment £84.13 £84.97 £0.84
4 apartment £92.20 £91.12 £0.93
5 apartment £109.15 £110.24 £1.09

We will continue to work with our tenants and the Clydesdale Tenants’ and Residents’ Group on finding ways to have a meaningful dialogue on future rent levels and our activities.

Tenants should contact us as soon as they experience difficulties in being able to afford making rent payments. We can check entitlement to Housing Benefit/Universal Credit, provide advice and assist with form-filling. We can also arrange a meeting with a Money Advisor who will help organise the repayment of rent arrears and any other debts tenants may have. The Money Advisor will also provide Benefit entitlement advice. Our website also has links to a self-help guide from the Money Advice Service and online benefit entitlement advice

With the above in mind, we want tenants to provide feedback to us on the following rent increase options we are considering for 2021-22: 0.5%, 1% or 1.5%. Full details on our proposals and what they mean are available in the consultation document below