2020 Annual General Meeting Report

Our first ‘virtual’ AGM took place on 9 September 2020. As anticipated, attendance was much lower than usual with only 16 Members present and 4 Members represented through proxy. Many thanks to those who managed to attend.

The meeting was brief but it covered what it needed to and complied with the requirements of our Rules.

The Association’s auditors, Alexander Sloan Chartered Accountants, provided Members an overview of the Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2020. Alexander Sloan Chartered Accountants were subsequently re-appointed as auditors for the year ending 31 March 2021.

The Chairperson delivered an annual report that:

  • Summarised another strong year of performance
  • Highlighted the excellent levels of tenant satisfaction reported in our 2019 tenant satisfaction survey
  • Confirmed our strong compliance with the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Regulatory Standards
  • Provided an update on the work of the Management Committee to recruit new Members
  • Reported on the completion of the North Vennel (Lanark) project that has provided 4 flats for rent, a community hub and long-awaited permanent office accommodation for the Association
  • Confirmed that most services had been reinstated following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions
  • Thanked tenants for their understanding and patience during the pandemic
  • Thanked members of the Clydesdale Tenants’ & Residents’ Group and the Tenant Scrutiny Panel for the hard work they do on behalf of tenants

Following this year’s election our Management Committee now has all 15 places filled. At the AGM, 4 Committee Members were re-elected and 4 were elected for the first time.

We look forward to next September and hope that we will then be able to get back to normal with the AGM returning to the Lanark Memorial Hall.